Windsor real estate graduates and existing real estate practitioners now have the opportunity to avoid huge operating costs and still gain big commissions from sales they refer to other full time agents of their choice.

New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage is a Brokerage in good standing with the Real Estate Council of Ontario also referred to as R.E.C.O. or just RECO.  With almost 200 registered real estate agents and approximately 15 years experience providing service to all those Ontario agents including the Realtors in Windsor Ontario, who for some good reason have decided to withdraw or step back from realty sales whether it be temporary or long term.

If you are a graduate or an active or inactive real estate agent in Windsor, then this service may be the answer for you to reduce and/or eliminate all your operating costs related to your real estate sales activities.  You may be new and have not decided the Brokerage in Windsor to join and yet need to register with a Brokerage before your time period to do so ends.  You may be retiring, working as a part-time Realtor, going on Maternity leave, a sabbatical or a new career in a different field.  Maybe you just had enough of sales and want to quit and yet want to save your license for future use.

Windsor real estate agents qualify to park their license with New World 2000 Realty Inc.  In addition, since your license will be on hold and active still under RECO, you have the freedom to trade in real estate but without the privileges of a real estate board.  The good news is that you will avoid the expenses related to your real estate board.  Not to worry since you still have the option to partner up with any co-operating real estate agent from any other Brokerage who is a board member.  The flexibility is there for you to make money while saving a small fortune avoiding costs for services you don’t need or want.

As a Windsor Ontario real estate agent you can save on the following expenses you may now be responsible for:

-Real estate Board fees and dues
-Real estate association fees and dues like O.R.E.A. and C.R.E.A.
-Franchise advertising fees and dues
-Desk fees
-Office fees
-Monthly fees
-Transaction fees
-Unfavorable commission splits

Consider saving your license and park it with New World 2000 Realty Inc.  You can keep it active and in force for a very low yearly membership fee.  By holding it active you are in essence warehousing your license or shelving it to secure your license for future use.  If you decide to sell your own home or buy property in Windsor you will surely be glad you saved your license from lapsing.  For the small amount it takes to hold your license active, you can earn thousands personally or by referring your business out to the agent of your choice.

Windsor real estate agents go through many changes throughout their business and careers.  Changes that require them to leave or take a break away from the stress of the real estate Brokerage business.  Windsor agents now have a better choice than to just give up, quit and suffer termination for a real estate license that took much effort and money to obtain.

Since there are so many variations as to why a real estate Broker or salesrep would park their license and your personal situation being unique, you will have questions that need to be answered since and informed agent makes the best decisions for their future.  Hence, feel at liberty to pick up the phone, toll free and call the Broker of Record today.  Philip Caputi, Broker of record may be reached at 1-800-537-1931 or 416-453-8215.  You may also email your questions or concerns to
keepitactive @ gmail . com

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