Brokerage Holds Your Real Estate License In Ontario-You Save Money

There are a myriad of reasons for a RECO registrant wanting to keep their licence in a warehoused state. As an agent registered with RECO, it is necessary to be employed by one of the many Ontario real estate brokerages. You may work as an employee or independent contractor for a Brokerage.

Real estate agents anywhere in the province of Ontario Canada may not be aware of the options available to them when they decide to take a leave from real estate sales. Most stay with their current broker and continue to pay high costs even though their income has significantly reduced. Consider parking your license. Park your realty licence in Ontario.

The head reason or shall we say, the most common situation that a real estate agent finds themselves seeking to park their realty licence is a change of work or labor.  For example, you are an agent, and the opportunity of the career you always sought came up and the salary was sufficient.. So now what do you decide to do?  If you go for it, what will your plans be for your real estate license?  Hundreds of realty agents have made the choice to park their registration and in doing so cutting a huge portion of the costs that would have otherwise ultimately been spent for nothing.

Yes, I am a Broker/Manager and want to refer my in-active real estate agents to your holding company Brokerage.

Yes I am a new/Veteran realty agent and want to preserve my license for the future and save on most expenses by having it parked.

Additionally, I understand that I am still able to sell or refer business and receive a high commission split in my favor.

so please get in touch with me as soon as possible with more information:

If you keep your license and remain registered with the Real Estate Council Of Ontario and your present brokerage, what would your costs look like as you take on your new job or career?  Real estate Brokerages, associations like OREA and CREA and Boards like TREB. You now have the choice to opt for a solution that will keep your license active with R.E.C.O. by parking it and save a great deal of money with a very low cost, registered with R.E.C.O. Ontario realty brokerage.  Get all the details you need to make a smart choice here: realty license parking

Philip Caputi is the RECO Expert with New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage. Philip has been helping real estate agents all across Ontario for well over 10 years. Reduce your operating costs while you still sell real estate or refer your sales to the agents and Brokerages of your choice. Park your license for a very low fee and have the experience of a trusted Broker supporting you along the way.


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