Are you a realtor that conducts their business in Ontario asking the particular question, "Can I put my real estate license on hold?" 

Well, if you are, then you're in for a real treat - and the reason you are in for a treat is because yes, of course you can.

You can hold your registration, and in doing so, dramatically drop a lot of the expenses you are used to paying. This is because your real estate license is now tied with a Brokerage that isn't a member of any real estate board.

By putting your registration on hold, you are essentially keeping it in an active state. So you can still continue to sell, but you won't be paying any board fees, or association fees like those costs that have to be paid out to OREA and CREA.

When you shelve your realty licence you are also eliminating franchise, transaction, desk, and monthly fees, etc. It doesn't stop there though. As a licensed agent, if you desire, you can still earn top commissions working with buyers and sellers, and even referring business and getting paid top tier referral fees.

Maintaining your registration with reco is easy, and it's great for any real estate agents looking to go on maternity leave. Taking a long break with their eyes set on vacation. A sabbatical. Sick leave. Caring for parents that are getting older. It doesn't matter what the reasons are. Its knowing that the option is there for you if you need to hold your realtor licence.

So again, you may ask, "Can I put my real estate license on hold?" Absolutely! The choice is yours. That being said, you've got tons of money to save all the while still earning top commissions if you so choose.



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