Did you know that the Canadian Real Estate Association-CREA represents over ninety six thousand (96,000) real estate agents, salespeople and Brokers throughout Canada? The 96,000 plus professionals are members in their respective real estate boards and associations too.

Are you aware that it is the CREA that owns the following trademarks:


and that only its paid members are allowed to use these trademarks?  When you park your real estate license and hence have decided to avoid real estate board and association fees, you are also giving up your privilege of using these trademarks.  Do you really require these to park your license?  Well, if you are going to be in-active and stepping away from your sales career as a Realtor, then you may agree that saving your money is the better decision.

CREA is an amazing organization and in my opinion it is too bad that most real estate agent who depend on sales for their living, don’t make more use of all the tools available through CREA.  Like the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association works hard to promote the interests of all its members across Canada.  Furthermore, its members’ professionalism and ability to succeed is taken seriously for those determined to excel in a real estate sales career.

Visit their site C.R.E.A.

Read more about the Canadian Real Estate Association Mission Statement

The Ontario Real Estate Association and you


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