Many real estate agents in Ontario are still not familiar with the term, park your real estate agent license in Ontario.  Simply put, when an Ontario real estate salesperson or Broker decides to park their license, what they are really doing is joining or transferring or reinstating their RECO registration with an Ontario Brokerage that is not a member of their local real estate Board.

The Brokerage not being a Realty Board member also means that they are not members of either OREA or CREA.  Since they are not members of any of these Associations, the savings of all those membership fees and dues are passed down to their Brokerage real estate Agents.  This savings can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Lets focus on the Canadian Real Estate Association for this article’s purpose.  As a real estate agent in Ontario, what do you really get for the dues you pay to CREA and will you require these benefits if you Park your real estate agent license in Ontario.

Benefits of CREA

1.  To develop technology that is needed and used by all real estate agents in Ontario and Canada.  With time comes many changes and with this comes improvements to existing technology too.

2. Advocacy is the act of pleading for or supporting something, most commonly a cause, idea or movement and CREA does this very well on behalf of all Canadian real estate agents.  They also go to bat with the Federal Government for Home-buyers too.

3.  CREA promotes the Canadian real estate agent’s image and trademarks like REALTOR and MLS.  They maintain the website which outlines in great detail how real estate agents help with Canadians and their most important financial investments, real estate properties.

Today more than ever before, full time professional real estate agents in Canada and closer to home, here in beautiful Ontario, need CREA to do their job and to do it well.  Having said that, if all an Ontario Realtor wants to do is take a break from sales and cut back on costs, wanting to park their Ontario real estate agent licence, does it not makes good sense to avoid these costs as a temporary inactive real estate agent?

Learn how to park and hold your real estate agent license in Ontario and save hundreds of dollars you don’t need to spend while your RECO registration is on hold or shelved for a while.  Find out how you can continue to earn commissions on sales and referral fees without the use of your local Board, OREA or CREA.

Call the Expert who has assisted over 300 Ontario real estate agents and the Pioneer of Park your real estate license right here in good ole Ontario.

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