When I decided to become a Realtor I sought the advice from experienced real estate agents in Ontario but closer to my area in the GTA.  My concern was what type of a realtor I should focus my career on.  Should I build my business around residential sales or would industrial, commercial and Office leasing be the better or should I say, the more “lucrative” way.  Which agent has an easier time selling real estate in Toronto or the GTA?  What is the difference in the knowledge and skill I would require to service residential or commercial buyers and sellers more efficiently?

I spoke to a residential Realtor and she explained the ins and outs and what to expect in residential sales.  I was not so impressed with the hours she told me I would have to be willing to work in home sales.  My second interview was within ICI Realtor and he took me through the ropes of what to expect in the investment commercial industrial division of selling real estate including leasing as well. What intrigued me the most about becoming an investment commercial real estate agent in Ontario, was the hours of operation that career realtors decided to set for themselves and their business.  Yes, I said set for themselves.  I was told that when strong relationships were made with clients in the ICI field, an agent can literally make his own hours which usually means regular business hours.  Some even claimed that they work half days Friday’s and never on the weekends.  I liked that idea a lot.

I pondered the pros and cons of which type of real estate agent to become and make a career out of and in the end the decision was to become an ICI Realtor.   There are literally huge amounts of commissions that you could make as a career ICI real estate agent in Ontario and in fact, I have done very well for myself in it. However there were a few things that caused me to rethink my career as an ICI Realtor as a full-time business.  It quickly become a cold reality that by the time the commissions trickled down to me after expenses and the split with my brokerage, there wasn’t much left for me to live the lifestyle that I wanted to live with my family.  There were real estate agents in my office that were earning much more money and deserving it.  I resolved that since they have been in business for years and years and have the connections that it took to earn that kind of commission, success was easier to achieve.  I did not have those same connections and it was costing me too much with expenses getting out of control, to build them so I decided to go back to the corporate world.  I previously had a secure job making a six-figure income but I saw the grass being greener as an ICI Realtor.  My experience as an ICI real estate agent is not meant to discourage you from becoming a commercial investment real estate agent in Ontario, but to make you aware that if you don’t control the costs the costs will control you for sure.  As I decided to go back into the corporate world, my new dilemma was what do I do with my existing real estate license that I work so hard to achieve?  One of my colleagues introduced me to a service that’s been around for years and helping agents keep their license active while they’re doing something else in a different career or what not. The service is called park your real estate license in Ontario.

Just a few words about New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage.  These guys have been providing this service for years and years and it truly shows from the first time you meet them-they work 24/7 and thats not just a cliche.  Bruno Cristini is the Broker of Record and Philip Caputi is also a Broker who takes care of most issues like parking your real estate license and is in communication with RECO on a daily basis.  If for whatever reason like me you have a license with RECO or your about to get one by passing all your real estate courses, there is no need to jump in and sign-up with any Ontario real estate Brokerage until you speak to Philip and learn about their service first.  They really do care about you and your career and work hard for you to save.  You can work full-time or Part-time or just hang your licence with them and expenses will be one less worry to stress yourself out about.  Call Philip direct at 416-453-8215 or just email them at keepitactive @ gmail . com

Good luck and take care!–AK


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