Keep Your Real Estate License Active - Avoid Termination

Friday Oct 06th, 2017


You may ponder your career as an Ontario realtor when confronted with the obstacle of not turning in a certain desired amount of sales - or worse unfortunately, none at all. Others may be faced with certain foreseeable changes in life or career which directly affect your ability to indulge in real estate sales as initially intended. Consider parking your realty licence and the savings that go with it. Warehouse your Ontario RECO registration.

Look to putting your licence on hold if your planning on changing occupations. There's nothing wrong with changing things up when it pertains to your career choices, but it isn't the greatest decision to continue enduring the high costs to maintain your real estate license when you eventually do decide to use it again sometime in the future. 

What course of action should you take now factoring in your given situation? If you do take on your new career, what then becomes of your realtor license? There are hundereds of RECO registered real estate agents in the Province of Ontario that have decided to keep their license active by having it parked and at the same time enjoying huge savings that would have otherwise been spent needlessly.

If you go from where you are now which is still employed by your current Brokerage and registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario - to starting your new occupation - what will it continue to cost you to maintain your realty license? Real estate board fees like TREB and association dues like those pertaining to CREA and OREA, among other expenses. This is a path you don't have to continue to take, and instead you can park your realty license with a very low cost RECO registered brokerage, and put a lot of that money back into your pockets, where it belongs.

Get more information here. Don't wait. Save money. You won't have access to Board services, but continue selling if you want. Refer sales and earn top referral commissions. Don't limit yourself. You want that flexibility with a respected and trusted Brokerage here at New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage, with more than twenty years of experience helping realtors all across Ontario park their license and keep it active.

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