Park your realty licence for many reasons when you are an agent registered with the real estate council of Ontario.  If you are registered with r.e.c.o., then you should also be employed by one of the hundreds of real estate brokerages across Ontario.  You may be an employee working for the brokerage you currently represent or you may be an independent contractor with them.

What do you do as an Ontario real estate agent with your valuable real estate license if you are not making sales? How about in the situation where circumstances have changed in your life or career and you are planning to take a leave of absense from real estate sales? Have you considered parking your license and looking at the savings you would enjoy? Warehouse your real estate license in Ontario.

Park your license if you change careers. Its ok to change careers but it is not ok to keep paying high costs to keep your license active for future use. what do you do now?  Do you go for it and if you do, what will you do with your realty licence?  Hundreds of Ontario real estate agents have chosen to park your realty licence and save huge amounts of money they would have spent the conventional way and all for nothing.

If you hang on to your realty licence and stay registered with r.e.c.o. and your current brokerage, what will your expenses continue to cost you as you embark on your new career?  Brokerages, Boards like TREB and associations like OREA and CREA.  You now have options that will allow you to park your licence and save a lot of money with a very low cost brokerage right here in Ontario registered with the real estate council of Ontario.  You will learn all the information you need to make a smart choice here  park your realty licence.

Park your realty licence in Ontario with Philip Caputi, park your real estate agent license specialist with New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage.  Low low cost and huge savings to you.  Keep selling if you choose to but without Board services.  Not to worry, you can also refer your potential sales back to your Broker of Origin or anyone you choose to.  Flexibility is the key and a trusted Brokerage with over 10 years experience and service to all those Ontario real estate agents who decided to step back from realty sales and Park their license for a low fee while saving big money and keeping their license active by holding it active with New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage in Ontario.

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