You are a real estate agent in the Province of Ontario and things have changed in your career.  You won’t be needing your real estate license for a while whether it will be short term or long term.  How will you keep it active and save it from lapsing or getting terminated.  After all that work and hard earned money required to finally achieve it, you must now protect it or face losing it forever.  Do you really want to have to go through the whole “getting your Ontario real estate license” again when you need it in your future?  After all your sacrifice and all you learned and gained, termination is a pain you may not want to bare.

Are you a new agent, or perhaps someone in the process of obtaining a real estate license?  All of a sudden, going in full force into a real estate sales-career seems too hasty.  Consider the opportunity and opportunities available to you as a Realtor in Ontario.  Commercial, investments, multi-unit dwellings, leasing, residential, management and Corporate doors that may open to you, etc etc.  If you are a new Realtor or about to graduate from real estate college, you may want to stop and consider the value of an Ontario real estate license before you decide to let it go.

Did you know that there is a real estate Brokerage license holding company right here in Ontario that has provided a super valuable service to all Ontario licensed agents and new Graduates for more than a decade?

Who can help me park my real estate license with an Ontario real estate Brokerage with real experience and with my interest in mind?

That’s easy!  Call Philip Caputi, expert to Ontario Inactive Agents, at New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage.  With over 200 satisfied real estate licensed agents, you are in very good hands with full support you deserve.  Call Mr. Caputi direct at 416-453-8215 or Toll Free at 1-800-537-1931 or email KeepItActive @ gmail . Com

What can parking my license do for me while I back away from my real estate sales career?

Parking your license can be for a short while or long term.  While your license is parked, you will still have to continue your education courses and pay for RECO costs but, all those other fees and dues will no longer apply.  Expenses like board fees, OREA, CREA, desk fees, franchise dues etc etc.

Where can I find a park your license real estate Brokerage in my area?

The good news is that as long as you have a real estate license here in the Province of Ontario Canada, the Brokerage does not have to specifically be in your immediate area.  New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage is located in Mississauga, Ontario and currently holds real estate licenses for agents all across Ontario, from Hamilton to Ottawa and anywhere else in Ontario.  All agents in Ontario joining New World 2000 Realty Inc. get the same full support and assistance possible.

Why should I park my license and hang it with a license holding Brokerage?  Is there any flexabilty when I join a Broker to store or warehouse my real estate license?

The main reason Ontario real estate agents park their license is to keep it active with RECO for future use and use today too.  When you park your licence, you can still trade in real estate sales and/or refer your business and negotiate referral fees with whoever you referred your business to.  The second question-yes you will have all the flexibility you need.  There have been parked agents who transferred back to their brokerage of origin to sell again when they got busy and then transferred back to park their license again when sales were down.  New World 2000 Realty was created to support Ontario agents, NOT restricting agents from earning a living.

When should I park my license?

The best answer whether you are brand new in the real estate sales business or an established pro or even a new Graduate who as never joined a Brokerage yet…if you think your sales will be slow or non-existent for a while, then it’s time to park your license right now.  Why now?  Because, unless you have a ton of money to waste while you wait for your sales to happen, then consider all the money you will NOT spend in expenses for services you will not require for the time being.  Save your money and save your real estate license.

How can I join and park my realty license with a reputable, knowledgable, Brokerage license holding company with a low cost, high commissions to agents, and fantastic track record?

I have a lot more questions I need answered before I park my license, can you help me?

YOU BET!!  We are here to serve.  Don’t be shy…..we have assisted hundreds of agents all over Ontario over the years so please feel at liberty to give us a call:

Call Philip Caputi, holding real estate licences, at New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage at 416-453-8215 or Toll Free at 1-800-537-1931 or email KeepItActive @ gmail . Com

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