No Board Fees To Park Your Real Estate License - More Options For Inactive Ontario Realtors

Park Your Real Estate License

You have a real estate license, which means you were willing to go through the necessary procedures in order to get it. This is something you enjoy. But sometimes, interests can change, or maybe your mind just simply isn't in it like it was when you first started. That's okay. It happens. Your not alone. If you happen to be an Ontario Realtor that can somewhat relate to this circumstance - or in other words you've become inactive - then don't fret. There are solutions for agents in your position. You can park your real estate license. By doing this your license remains active, so when you do decide to come back to real estate, it's there waiting for you. Taking this avenue would also allow you to avoid paying for unnecessary real estate board expenses. Becoming a member of New World 2000 Realty Inc. can do this for you. Even though your realty license has been put on hold, it is still active, so you can still sell or trade. Whether it's part time or no time at all, the decision remains with you.

Once you shelf your ontario real estate RECO registration, it eliminates any board or association fees because you are no longer a member of any real estate board. Don't let your license just sit there and lapse or possibly let it terminate. New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage is registered with RECO. Learn how you can park your real estate license and keep it active with us from anywhere in Ontario by getting in touch with us. Don't let your valuable real estate license go to waste. Why throw away something you put time, effort, and energy into obtaining in the first place? Before proceeding with whatever it is your doing, just simply ask yourself if it's really worth it.

You may reside in London, Barrie, Bracebridge, Ottawa, Waterloo, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Oakville, Kitchener, Toronto, Mississauga - essentially as long as your from Ontario and registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, you can easily put your realtor license on hold.

New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage caters to those in the real estate industry that, for whatever reason, have become nonactive in the field and likewise for those that are still interested in sales, but are not so keen on the associated fees and dues attached to it - such as real estate related association, brokerage desk, board, and monthly fees. We kindly welcome any realtors in the Province of Ontario that are not active, looking to park your real estate license, and in doing so, holding it active.

Don't let this opportunity that is available to you pass you by. The option is there to avoid letting your license terminate by keeping it active, without any of the associated real estate board or association expenses. You can also earn on referral fees, and the same applies - you won't be paying any of those additional expenses. You really have nothing to lose, and a lot of money to save.

Interested in wanting to park your real estate license? Inquiry using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:



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