After giving it some thought, you finally made the decision to become a Realtor. Studied, took the courses, and are now a fully licenced RECO registrant. It's been some time and you find it very enjoyable working in the real estate industry. Now though, you are itching to do something else. You're intention is not to give up your license, but instead to take a step back on your realty career and put your focus elsewhere - at least for the immediate forseeable future.

"New World 2000 Realty provides a RECO license parking service that benefits all Ontario real estate agents in helping maintain their RECO registration for a very low and affordable cost."

With a parking license service like this, no worries about potential lapsing or termination of your registration. You can freely focus on whatever it was you desired doing, while your RECO licence sits patiently waiting for your return when you're ready. 
When you park your registration, because you are registered with a brokerage that is a non-board member, it puts you into the position where you are no longer responsible for paying out fees and dues to your local real estate board and relevant associations such as OREA and CREA.

If you are a realtor and find yourself becoming more inactive in the industry, or still enjoy selling but maybe aren't so excited with all the operating costs. Things like board and association dues, franchise and transaction expenses, and so on. If you reside within the province of Ontario and are registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, then this parking license service is the perfect solution for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity to save your license. No need to just forget about it like you never got it in the first place. Park it and keep it active. Continue to trade or refer any business you generate and get paid excellent commissions.

Are you in need of a RECO License Parking Service? Don't hesitate to email, call, or use the form below to get in contact with us. Be on your way to massive savings.


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