You may have landed on this page and site for 2 main reasons.

1.  You are an Ontario real estate agent and Registrant with RECO and you are thinking of making a change which may include either stepping away from sales but keeping your license and/or just transferring to a different Brokerage possibly to reduce your operating costs or the like.

2.  You are in the process of earning or have just earned your real estate license in Ontario and you are now at the stage of deciding on which Real Estate Broker and Brokerage to register with or become employed with.

Think about joining the best real estate Brokers in Ontario but, having said that, what really makes a Real Estate Broker-Brokerage the very best in the field?  How about these 2 crucial traits that many overlook in this real estate sales business.

A)  A Real Estate Brokerage in Ontario that places the absolute best interests of its Clients first and foremost without exception and the most important action to accomplish this is to…

B)  Provide the utmost service to each Registered member with the Brokerage being all real estate agents, sales representatives and Brokers Registrants in good standing with the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

How is this done with Real Estate Brokers in Ontario and their Brokerages?  Although I cannot answer for all Real Estate Brokers and how they operate their Firms, I can Offer somewhat of a simple overview about New World 2000 Realty Inc, Brokerage in Ontario. We believe that longevity in the real estate sales business requires more than a “sales” mentality.  It demands that true and solid relationships are formed in the process of a Realtors Career.  This virtually guarantees repeat business and customer loyalty.

As one of several successful real estate Brokers in Ontario, I caught on to this truth many years ago and today, 26 years later, I can assure you that my referrals from past customers and repeat business/sales has been the single and most important ingredient to my longevity.

So, as a real estate Broker of Record, how can I assist you with your unique situation?

1.  Build your business and Clientele the best way to ensure a great lifestyle for you now and well into your careers future.  Learn how to place your Clients needs and wants first on your list and watch your sales skyrocket.

2.  New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage was designed 26 years ago with the real estate agent in mind.  This real estate Brokerage has mastered its craft of providing the best service and counsel to all its real estate agents without stressing its real estate Registrants with a financial burden.  Less or NO financial stress to you, the aspiring real estate agent building a Career, the better your dedication and service to your Clients…Period!

Looking for real estate Brokers in Ontario?  Discover what over 250 Ontario real estate agents and RECO Registrants have and call right now:

Call Philip Caputi, Broker and Administrator Toll Free 1-800-537-1931 or Direct 416-453-8215

Become a New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage real estate agent and start building your real estate Career the intelligent way.


Tired of your Ontario Real Estate Agent Career and want to put your license on Hold?

** Give your real estate license the break it needs if you are not ready to jump into sales yet or your already are an existing Ontario licensed real estate agent and you need to leave sales for a while and want to cut costs for services you no longer need right now.  Park your Ontario real estate license and park your real estate Career Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario and save your money right now.


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