It took me a while to decide on pursuing a real estate career in Ontario, more specifically in Toronto.  Coming from my own business in the entertainment field, I knew that it was the personal touch with potential clients that would allow me to excel and not just the promise of a big franchise name.  Having said that, Bruno Cristini and his Brokerage have been around since 1986 and they were highly recommended by a close relative who has been registered with this Brokerage for 19 years and counting.

I always believed that a real estate career in Ontario was like having and operating your very own business and if I felt any differently, I probably would have turned my back on any opportunities Ontario real estate careers offered.

If you are looking for a great Ontario real estate career Brokerage to join or tranfer to, allow me to give you the main reasons why I dediced to join and trust New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage.

-Freedom to work from your home office independently.

-Freedom to work from your home office independently, with the support and guidance of your Broker of Record.

-Freedom of complete autonomy to make decisions independently.  If you need to discount your commission to consummate a transaction, you have the freedom to do so without having to check with my broker.”

-Freedom when working with a client to have confidence in making day-to-day, moment-to-moment decisions. And to know that the commitments you make which abide by all the rules and regulations we are governed by will be honored without having to check with my broker.

-Freedom in a listing appointment to promise any level of service or advertising that you are comfortable with.

-Freedom while meeting with a buyer to provide any level of service as agreed upon with the client…..without ever having to say: I have to check with my broker”.

-Freedom to focus on building your business-your real estate career Ontario

-Freedom from office sales meetings and floor time.

-Freedom from having to drive to the office!

-Freedom to take advantage of the tax benefits of a home office as allowed to real estate careers Ontario.

Low Real Estate Careers Ontario Brokerage Costs

All the support you can ask for from a real estate Brokerage in Ontario and then there are the commission packages available to all of our Registered Ontario real estate agents.  The Office share is so low allowing the Real Estate Agent to profit as much as possible giving the New World 2000 Realty Agent the power he or she needs to build a successful real estate career in Ontario.

Whether you are brand new in real estate sales or already an Ontario career real estate agent looking for a change, you can feel at ease joining New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage.  Low low expenses, high commissions and the right know how, and your on your way to a happy Ontario real estate sales Career.

Gianpiero (GP) Di Palma

Sales Representative

New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage

Tired of your Ontario Real Estate Agent Career and want to put your license on Hold?

** Give your real estate license the break it needs if you are not ready to jump into sales yet or your already are an existing Ontario licensed real estate agent and you need to leave sales for a while and want to cut costs for services you no longer need right now.  Park your Ontario real estate license and park your real estate Career Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario and save your money right now.


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