Originally New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage was created to help real estate agents in Ontario save on their real estate operating costs.  The commission split was 70/30 but to a maximum gross to the Brokerage of $25,000.00.  The total office expense to the realty agent was $7500.00 which was the 30% of the $25,000.00 gross income.  Although, this was a good thought, real estate agents who were not big producers still had trouble with their expenses and when this happens, the buyer or seller is subject to their sales-reps personal stresses…..in many many cases.

As our Office grew in numbers where more real estate agents were joining, the reality of those leaving the business became very apparent.  When these real estate salespeople whether they were sales-reps or Brokers were allowing their license to lapse and then be terminated forever, we were in shock that they attached so little value to their licence.  The truth was, they needed to get rid of their high expenses and their debt-load out-weighed the value of their real estate license-so they thought.

Who desires to go through all the work and time involved to qualify for an Ontario real estate license, their second time around?  Isn’t it easier just to keep your license for future use instead?

That’s when the Park your license concept was born!  Helping real estate agents all across Ontario keep their real estate licence and keep their hard earned money too!  The cost to park your license is ridiculously minuscule to the thousands of dollars you will save and the thousands of dollars you can still earn while your license is parked.  Remember this, you can still trade in real estate and make sales and you have the option to refer your sales out to another Brokerage of your choice if you prefer.

New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage pays parked agents 90% of any sale or any referral fee negotiated with other Brokerages in Ontario or out of Province.  Special considerations are given to those agents transacting in personal business, IE. selling your own home or buying your own home.  ALL PARKED REAL ESTATE AGENTS GET OUR FULL SUPPORT TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILTY SO YOU ARE NEVER LEFT ALONE AND HELPLESS!

Now more than 200 Happy Ontario Licenced real estate agents and growing.  With more than 25 years of service, our Registrants are more than just licensed real estate agents, THEY ARE PART OF OUR NEW WORLD 2000 FAMILY :)

Who is Philip Caputi, Park your license Administrator ?


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