Save Your Ontario Real Estate License - Don't Let It Lapse Or Terminate

Friday Jul 07th, 2017


Avoid Lapse Or Termination Of Your Guelph Ontario Real Estate LicenseEven as an agent involved in realty sales in Ontario that isn't really active, you can still avoid the majority of the operating costs by deciding to put your real estate licence on hold - which can be done through a Broker and RECO.

It's very possible that many agents that step away or take a leave from the real estate industry in Ontario are oblivious or just don't know of the options or solutions they have available to them that can help them with this very scernario pertaining to their career as a realtor.

So in this situation, it's most likely the agent - although reducing in activity in sales and income - would stay with their current Broker and continue to pay all those same high operating costs when they were more actively involved. That doesn't have to be the case though. Park your Ontario real estate license and get rid of a lot of those fees and dues.

A career change or change of employment seems to be one of the more common reasons as to why a real estate agent takes considerable interest in parking and keeping their license active. For example, the career opportunity you've had your eyes on crosses paths with you. You go for it and pay is good too. But what about your Ontario realtor license? Do you just let it lapse and eventually terminate? There are hundreds of Ontario licensed agents that chose to say no to something like that and instead have smartly opted to park their real estate license and in doing so putting a lot of money back in their wallets where it would have otherwise been spent unnecessarily.

How much money would you continue to be spending if you decide to keep your license in the same state it is now - that is registered and in good standing with RECO and employed with your current brokerage - as your new career choice has now taken off? Boards like TREB, transaction, franchise, OREA, CREA fees and dues and so on. This doesn't have to be you though. Enjoy your new career without enduring all these excessive costs that you don't need. You can warehouse your license right here in Ontario with a low cost, RECO registered, and trusted Brokerage to do this. Don't hesitate to park your license while enjoying your new occupation.

Park it. Keep it. You can also use it to earn top commission splits on any business you refer or sell. Backed by a trusted and supporting Broker. Inquiry today:


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